Life in the Age of COVID-19: Observations and Predictions

We are living in the Age of COVID-19. This has sparked a wide variety of thoughts about the impact of the coronavirus –– both on our world today and what we might look like tomorrow.

Below are some of those observations and predictions. We invite you to share your insights by posting them here on LinkedIn. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

What It Feels Like

How We're Operating

What We Look Like

What We Will Look Like When This Is Over

One final note: The Heroes.

After 9/11, firefighters were our modern-day American heroes. You’d see a firefighter inthe street and your heart would melt.

This time it’s the healthcare workers –– doctors and nurses from across disciplines –– who are on the front-lines of this crisis risking their health and that of their families. They are working double and triple shifts with no end in sight. They are a wonder.

We must also honor the scientists who are working tirelessly on COVID related tests and vaccines; the police for answering emergencies and keeping order in our communities; the delivery workers showing up at our doors with food and our Amazon orders; and those supermarket and pharmacy workers who continue to stock shelves and serve the public at their own peril.

Blessings to these heroes, one and all.