Case Study: Capital Systems


Rebrand Capital Printing, a financial printing company, to re-fresh its image and enhance sales.


Renamed the company Capital Systems and repositioned it as a “transaction and compliance services company” to build on the equity in the prior name and reflect the firm’s technological evolution.

Advertising Samples

  • Conducted a brand analysis by examining the company’s communications, analyzing competitor communications and extensively interviewing management to determine business strengths

  • Developed new Corporate Identity including a new logo, colors, graphics, and tagline across all materials

  • Developed key sales messages to support the new positioning and generate sales leads

  • Recreated new sales presentation and RFP formats

  • Created a fully-integrated marketing program including design and all content for advertising samples, marketing collateral, sales materials and the website


Capital Systems launched a fully-integrated marketing campaign with a complete arsenal of marketing collateral and sales literature to enhance the sales process.

Marketing Brochures

Corporate Website