Public Relations

In a 24/7 hyper-media environment, effective public relations is critical to creating and maintaining a public image.  This is further magnified by the increasing use of social media that is transforming the communications landscape.
In effect, public relations has evolved to being both a traditional “media outreach” mechanism — in which important news is issued to inform the market or meet regulatory requirements — and a marketing communications tool — in which information is distributed to enhance SEO and drive traffic to a company’s website, or connect with clients, customers and the general public in a conversant, interactive style.  The result is that these differing public relations objectives require customized messaging and outreach strategies.

At MJ Lilly Associates, we have deep experience in developing public relations programs employing a range of strategies to minimize costs and maximize impact. We exercise pro-activity with creativity, aggressive outreach and persistent follow-up.  And as interactivity distinguishes the use of social media, we focus on content management as critical to ensuring a smart, insightful and thoughtful communications edge.

Media Outreach
•    Media Identification:  print, online, broadcast, blogosphere
•    Press releases, announcements and distribution strategies
•    One-on-one meetings and backgrounders
•    Media and presentation training
•    Media events and roundtables

Social Media Strategies
•    Social networking sites
•    Blogs
•    Website usage
•    Intranets
•    Virtual private networks

Thought Leadership
•    Position papers/bylined articles
•    Speaking opportunities
•    Public affairs issues and platforms

Government and Public Affairs
•    Platform issues
•    Outreach
•    NGO and non-profit partnerships