Strategic and Integrated Marketing

Strategic marketing programs are designed to identify key stakeholders and delineate customer segments; determine their needs and “pain points”; and focus communications on only those products and services that solve problems and address concerns.  This is the basis for developing customized messaging and lays the foundation for recommending meaningful marketing activities.

At MJ Lilly Associates, we engage in strategic marketing campaigns and develop integrated marketing and communications plans that enhance business results.  This includes a full gamut of editorial services and coordinated design to create tools that, in addition to customized messaging, incorporate key brand themes and corporate identity standards.

In addition, integrated plans are designed to maximize consistency and frequency of message by using a variety of channels across a full marketing and communications spectrum.  As a result, only those initiatives that can deliver a return on investment (ROI) and fit within the confines of a total marketing budget are selected.

We create content and execute activities across channels:

Public Relations

  • Media Identification:  Print, online, broadcast, blogosphere
  • Press releases, announcements and distribution strategies
  • Backgrounders and editorial roundtables
  • Position papers/bylined articles
  • Social media content and outreach
  • Media and presentation training

Thought Leadership Platforms

  • Public affairs platforms and issues management
  • Industry speaking opportunities
  • Philanthropic leadership campaigns

Social Media and Web Strategies

  • Social networking sites
  • Blogs
  • Virtual private networks
  • Websites:  Internet and Intranet
  • E-marketing
  • RSS feeds
  • Webinars
  • Brochures and reports
  • Product pieces
  • Direct mail
  • Presentations
  • Electronic communications
  • Print vehicles
  • Town hall meetings
  • Merchandising and recognition gifts

Conferences and Special Events

  • Conferences
  • Proprietary seminars
  • Trade shows
  • “VIP” gatherings
  • Sponsorships

Corporate Responsibility Programs

  • Strategic philanthropy
  • Pro-active partnerships
  • Community volunteerism
  • Cause marketing
  • Green programs
  • Diversity and HR initiatives
  • R&D
  • Governance
  • Co-marketing with business partners
  • Partnerships with non-profit organizations
  • Corporate image
  • Product campaigns
  • Media planning and placement
  • Advertorials
  • Investor presentations
  • Re-craft boilerplates on financial sites and platforms

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