Develop a cohesive brand platform for IPRO, a leading healthcare quality assurance organization, to better articulate capabilities and drive business


  • Conducted a brand analysis by examining IPRO’s myriad of sales, marketing and media-related communications
  • Interviewed management from across divisions to determine business strengths and areas of growth
  • Performed extensive competitive research; isolated best practices in communicating with various customer groups
  • Identified key themes that resonated across all IPRO’s business lines and analyzed them in the context of market issues and growth opportunities
  • Worked in conjunction with Langton Cherubino Group to translate messaging into graphic design including a new logo, website, and overall corporate identity program


  • Developed the tagline “Improving Healthcare for the Common Good”
  • Articulated a market positioning / value proposition to communicate the benefits IPRO provides to clients, customers and the public-at-large
  • Crafted a formal descriptor (“boilerplate”) as well as an elevator speech to colloquially describe IPRO
  • Provided recommendations on a new branding and corporate structure to more effectively embrace IPRO’s not-for-profit and for-profit business lines in fostering greater cohesion and cross-selling opportunities

Sample Work
M&A Materials: Folder, Press Release, Key Message, Employee Announcement, Website

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